Housekeeping Services Video

House keeping services for Corporate office, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complex by Latest Methods and well trained. Housekeeping Technical Persons with pleasant Working Environment. 

  • Professional Cleaning services and related maintenance services by Latest methods and machinery in the premises
  • Moping and cleaning of all floors by manual and machinery
  • Cleaning of Dust, Cobwebs as and when requires by Vaccum cleaner
  • Upkeep of all ceramic fittings and other statutory fittings and providing disinfectant materials and air purifiers for wash area and washbasins
  • Cleaning of Toilets at frequent interval with check list
  • House keeping Cleaning of window panels, glasses, partitions etc
  • Cleaning of all waste paper baskets.
  • Cleaning of all telephones including intercoms and super phones

Services To Various Industries

  • Airport Colleges
  • Schools Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Mega Malls
  • Corporate Companies
  • Central / State Government Office
  • Software Companies
  • Banking Sectors
  • Residential Apartments